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Global DCIM Data Center Sourcing

The decision to outsource or in-source data center services is not a simple matter. Just when IT organizations felt they had figured out what to outsource and what to keep in-house, cloud computing has fueled renewed interest in outsourcing and caused enterprises to reassess their IT service sourcing strategies.

Global DCIM can provide the expertise in finding the right solution for your organization via our team concept in determining your requirements.

  • Organization strategic plan review
  • Future IT growth and solutions (Cloud/Virtualization/Storage)
  • Power demand forecast and cost parameters
  • Current state of operations and critical facilities
  • Communications: Connectivity requirements, latency and fiber options
  • Ecosystem support requirements and objectives
  • Applications being supported from the data center
  • Affinity to geographical areas and proximity of IT staff and vendors

Let Global DCIM assist in your Data Center decisions.