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Global DCIM Analysis

With today's complex competitive markets your ability to stay ahead of your competition is mission critical to the success and survival of your business.

Global DCIM utilizes our sector expertise to deliver GDCS Analytics to assist your organization in the direction to success. Our teams are leaders in sector compliance requirements, business impact analysis, SSAE16 preparation, facility sourcing /sizing, communications, power and technology.

GDCS Analytics can assist your team today in the planning for tactical and strategic solutions.

GDCS Business Impact Analysis

Business impact analysis (BIA) is an essential component of an organization's business continuance plan; it includes an exploratory component to reveal any vulnerabilities, and a planning component to develop strategies for minimizing risk. The result of analysis is a business impact analysis report, which describes the potential risks specific to the organization studied. One of the basic assumptions behind BIA is that every component of the organization is reliant upon the continued functioning of every other component, but that some are more crucial than others and require a greater allocation of funds in the wake of a disaster. For example, a business may be able to continue more or less normally if the cafeteria has to close, but would come to a complete halt if the information system crashes.

As part of Global DCIM' disaster recovery planning, BIA is likely to identify costs linked to failures, such as loss of cash flow, replacement of equipment, salaries paid to catch up with a backlog of work, loss of profits, and so on. A BIA report quantifies the importance of business components and suggests appropriate fund allocation for measures to protect them. The possibilities of failures are likely to be assessed in terms of their impacts on safety, finances, marketing, legal compliance, and quality assurance. Where possible, impact is expressed monetarily for purposes of comparison. Global DCIM will provide a complete document structure the business impact and assist in the disaster recovery planning via our wide array of products and solutions sets to most effectively and efficiently provide direction for our organization.